Hippopotamuses love water.

They live on the floor beneath.

Mother has gone shopping.

You should ask Jussi to go with us when we go to Boston.

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How much does a wooden chair cost?


The cat went through the boards.

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Instead of digging a pit for your enemy, you should build your friend a house.

Where have you been Michiel? You're filthy!

She told me an interesting story.

I drove the car into the garage.

She would go with him to Washington.

He rubbed the rust off with a file.

Panzer says he wants to learn French.

Help me and I'll help Anatole.

I've known them since college.

It is difficult for us to persuade him.

I'm afraid something's gone terribly wrong.

Mario trusts us.

The radio on the desk is a Sony.


She went to rehab and straightened herself out.

Carol's dog was run over by a car.

If you treat a customer well, he'll be a customer for life.


Come on, let's not distract Irvin from his work.

Tobias is going to go back to Boston.

Honzo has confessed.

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He wrote me a long letter.

Just tell me what it is you want to know.

I want you in my office.

The house is pretty.

Brandy doesn't usually talk to me like that.


My name was called after his name.

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Formidable looking spiders do not attack people.

His pretentiousness is irritating.

My house doesn't have a roof.


I'm going to call the police.

Andrew didn't live in Boston last year.

You need stitches.


You've got to warn me.

Does your spouse attend church with you?

I had enough money saved to buy the guitar I want.


I don't mind the heat.

Jef has decided to swim every day.

Save a human. Eat a cannibal.

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We're closed on Mondays.

Duncan doesn't know who we are.

I was betrayed and treated barbarically.

I cannot get in touch with him.

Martha was late.

The old man is angry and bitter.

Is there any sugar in the pot?

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Ariel wants me to talk to them.

Give me all of it.

Typhoon Megi makes landfall in the Philippines.

Panacea let Takao go.

He gave me his stamp of approval.


She wrote me back soon.

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They are playing soccer somewhere.

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What he did drove me mad.


Tomorrow, it will be cold.


You're being watched.


If he comes, I'll go too.

Some learned to play musical instruments.

I keep telling you democracy doesn't work.

You need a new car.

It's not polite to stare at people.


The cottage looked as if nobody were living in it.


What are you laughing about?


You won't fool me with your flattery.

Randy never knew that I secretly hated him.

Sandy and Shutoku rented a house by the sea.

I'm from the same town as her.

It feels good to help.

Bernard runs as fast as you.

Leith became very sick.

"Dima?" the man that Dima called "Al-Sayib" asked. "I don't know any Dima. Sorry. I think you've got the wrong number."

I'm sure she is going to sing at church tomorrow.


The event starts at 8pm.


Mother is the busiest in my family.


We've got several options.


Raphael marshaled his courage and talked to Pratt.

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They regarded his behavior as childish.


I'm always in harmony with myself.


"You're a good guitarist." "I'd like to think I am."

Everyone but Steven was busy.

I'm starting at noon.

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I never knew you cared about me.

This is really impressive.

My aunt wears glasses when she reads the papers.


The village was silent.

Some people find it easier to grasp the short-term effects of smoking.

And yet the large blocks of stone are fitted together so closely that you cannot put in the point of a knife between them.

You can sing a song.

Pilar was safe.

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I don't want you to go out of your way or anything.

I was a little bit nervous.

I know how hard you all work.


Ghosts are real for those who believe in them.

I worry about the kids.

I like to set goals for myself.


Ania is a lovely girl.

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He asked her why she was crying.

From time to time, I think about my mother who is no longer living.

I met him while I was coming home.

Al is reading.

He knows how to bind books.

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The cat is lazy.

Bring him a drink.

Don't be selfish; there's plenty for everyone.


My ears are still ringing.

Chess is the gymnastic school of the intellect.

Luke told me he was ready.


Mirabelles are equally delicious in a compote.


He's acting like someone he isn't.


Tai has a message for Hirofumi.

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The snow will soon disappear.

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She began dressing conservatively.

She would love to go back to the days of her youth.

According to the newspaper, it will rain today.

I'll be busy until four.

I asked her to teach me French.


Let's go as soon as John comes.

I can help you learn Russian if you want.

You've thought that before, haven't you?

I heard from him.

I'll be with you in a sec.

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How much will it cost to get a dental cleaning?

Why are you studying French so hard?

He showed off his new car.

I want a martini.

Where should I check in for Tokyo?

To understand Japanese culture to the full, you should learn the language.

Hirotoshi didn't like the idea.


My camera is much better than hers.

After all his efforts, he also failed this time.

Shall I help you with washing-up?


I used to be a gardener.

He was a man of great ambition.

I thought that Glen was exaggerating.

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Then I'll work on the principle that deference is no substitute for obedience.


I met him on Friday the 13th.


He is very smart and yet not arrogant.

Betsy was courteous.

She was running down the street clutching two toddlers, one in each arm.

My flight arrived at 9 pm.

Hans is hoping you'll help him.


Is Travis more intelligent than you are?


Few Japanese can use English well.


At present, he is in Canada.